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Welcome to Shepard Hill Elementary School.  We are excited for our 2019-2020 school year!  S.H.E. proudly serves pre-kindergarten through grade three students.  Our mission is to develop lifelong learners, who value themselves, contribute to their community, and are productive in a changing world.   We are so honored to be part of your child's journey!

Updates from MakerSpace

All K- 3rd Grade students come to Mrs. Jacobs in the MakerSpace for Science and hands-on learning once a week. We're doing great work! Kindergarten and Third Graders are currently studying Forces in Motion. We've built golf courses and examined the strength and direction of the golfer's force... next up we look at collisions! In First Grade, we've just finished looking at the patterns of the Earth that give us day and nighttime, and the seasons! We looked at how the Earth tilts on it's axis, and how there is daylight in one hemisphere and nighttime on the other. Next, we'll explore architecture around the world! Second graders have just wrapped up a study of hydropower. We've looked at real world examples of this renewable resource put to work, and made our own working water wheel to take home. Next up, we study colloids!
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